Trailer Angle Detection

Executive Summary

Cogent Trailer Sensing provides a set of computer vision algorithms which can be applied to highly distorted (fish-eye) cameras to detect and track a trailer.

Licensing Options

As with all of our software: Contact us to discuss how we can best support your project. Royalty-free licenses to our existing software may be available in certain arrangements.

Vision-based Trailer Angle Sensing

Not everybody is a natural truck driver – especially when it comes to backing up a trailer. OEMs have recognized the opportunity and are offering trailer backup systems in which a driver can essentially let go of the truck’s steering wheel and instead steer the trailer with a small knob. The feature is offered e.g. on the Ford F150 pickup truck and GM on the 2019 GMC Sierra .

Automatic trailer backup systems are based on detecting the angle between truck and trailer (the “trailer angle”), which is commonly done by attaching a visual target on the trailer which is then recognized in a rear camera image.

At Cogent, we have developed next generation algorithms to support trailer angle detection without these targets. Our marker-less trailer angle detection algorithms are compatible with many standard backup cameras, and work in real-word weather conditions.

Key features:

  • No target required
  • Automatic calibration (no manual inputs or steps required)
  • Works will existing rear cameras
  • Robust – works in different weather conditions