Cogent Embedded Technical Capabilities

H/W Enablement
Boot code, board support, device drivers, integration with Linux and Android
Platform Migration
To Linux, Android and Tizen, from Windows Embedded, QNX, VxWorks and bare metal; to modern 32 and 64-bit CPUs and SoCs from legacy microcontrollers
Secure boot, software update, data protection/isolation, sandboxing, access control and authentication
Latency and throughput enhancement, driver development, wireless stack integration and tuning from small-scale through carrier h/w
Power Management
Optimization for product-specific use-cases, device power consumption and battery life-time improvement
Tools Integration
Toolchain customization and integration, build infrastructure and automation, SDKs
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Boot time, graphics, multi-media, networking, storage
Embedded Virtualization
Multi-OS and multi-core for isolation, resource management, sandboxing and legacy stack migration

Silicon Enablement

Integration and Optimization
For Android, Tizen and Embedded Linux stacks
New Silicon
For Android, Tizen and Embedded Linux stacks
Off-Load Engines
Enabling off-load of graphics, audio, cryptographic and network processing to dedicated CPU, DSP core
Vertical Platforms
Integration, prototyping and demos on market-specific reference designs