Cogent Embedded Services

To meet the technical and business requirements of device manufacturers and silicon suppliers, Cogent Embedded offers a range of design, development and integration services:

System Architecture

At early stages in device design, OEMs come to Cogent Embedded to explore options for architecting next-generation products.  In particular, Cogent helps OEMs address

  • H/W & S/W requirements definition
  • H/W & S/W platform selection
  • Software architecture
  • High-level and low-level design
  • Technology building blocks
  • Risk assessment
  • Project planning

Device and Application Development

Cogent Embedded helps OEMs through tough development tasks and tight schedules, with capabilities for point projects up through complete turnkey solutions, including

  • H/W Enablement
  • Integration & Customization
  • Platform Migration
  • Security & Certification
  • Networking
  • Power Management
  • Tools Integration
  • Performance Tuning

Quality Assurance, Validation and Test Automation

Cogent combines understanding of market and customer requirements for quality and reliability, and S/W development with common FOSS tools, to offer validation and test services that include

  • Test plans, test case generation and testing frameworks
  • Compliance and compatibility verification
  • Test automation, refinement and work-flow integration
  • Open source tool work-flow integration
  • Production line and manufacturing process testing