Networking and Telecommunications

Cogent Embedded builds on decades of experience in working with semiconductor and SoC IP suppliers, Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) and Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) to offer a range of development and optimization services, including

  • Reference designs for networking SoCs and network processors
  • Initial bring-up of COTS blades and custom hardware
  • System integration
  • Kernel and driver development
  • Migration from legacy RTOS platforms to Linux and open source
  • System tuning for real-time, latency-sensitive operations, middleware performance
  • Domain-specific device drivers and middleware (e.g. wireless interfaces, shelf/chassis drivers)
  • Standards compliance and interoperability with SAF, CGL, ETSI, etc.
  • Security policy creation/review, component integration (e.g., firewalls, VPN)
  • Long-term support for software stacks and complete systems

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