Medical Devices

Cogent Embedded works closely with medical device manufacturers to enable hardware platforms, provide integration and support for system software and applications development, and ease support and maintenance of advanced telemedicine systems, diagnostic devices and lab equipment.  Cogent expertise lies not only in hardware and software underlying modern medical devices, but also in the quality assurance and certification processes that speed these products to market and assure long and safe deployment lifetimes.

Cogent Embedded assists healthcare device OEMs and semiconductor suppliers with

  • Medical device domain reference designs
  • System hardware bring-up
  • Linux and Android system integration
  • Domain-specific device drivers and middleware
  • Security, software validation and quality assurance to meet regulatory requirements (HIPAA, etc.)
  • Virtualization for secure and high-reliability applications and for encapsulating certified software stacks
  • Experience with FDA, EMA and other national and regional certification regimes
  • Long-term support for software stacks and complete systems

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