Industrial Computing and Instrumentation

Cogent Embedded works together with industrial and rugged computer equipment and instrumentation OEMs to integrate and support Linux and other open source software on new systems designs, and to implement long-term support at the platform and application levels.

Cogent Embedded assists industrial control and instrumentation systems integrators and OEMs device with

  • Reference designs
  • Initial bring-up for custom h/w, COTS motherboards, embedded PC and SBCs
  • System integration
  • Migration from legacy UI to Linux-based HMI/MMI frameworks
  • Domain-specific device drivers and middleware (e.g., shop floor networking), support for industrial Ethernet and EtherCAT
  • Migration from legacy RTOS platforms to Linux and open source
  • Real-time response and other performance tuning for latency-sensitive applications
  • Software validation and quality assurance to meet industry certification requirements
  • Long-term support for software stacks and complete systems

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