Consumer Electronics

Cogent Embedded helps manufacturers of consumer electronics devices and semiconductor suppliers create reference designs and end-products spanning the gamut of CE applications, including DTV, DVR, STB, tablets, media players, and other portable and home entertainment systems.

Cogent helps device OEMs, service providers and also semiconductor suppliers with

  • CE platform reference designs
  • Hardware bring-up, including SoCs, GPUs, audio processors, FPGAs and other CE subsystems
  • Power management optimization for untethered devices and for green certifications
  • Embedded Linux and Android system integration
  • Migration from legacy platforms to Android, Linux and other open source OSes
  • Integration of CE device drivers, CODECs and CE-targeted middleware
  • Support for content protection and DRM
  • Optimization for content services delivery (e.g., streaming audio/video)
  • Long-term support for CE software stacks and complete systems

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