Automotive and Transportation

In depth automotive/IVI industry and technology expertise.  Close working relationships with semiconductor suppliers, automotive sub-system suppliers and OEMs, especially members of the GENIVI Alliance.

  • Automotive / IVI reference designs for key SoCs
  • Initial hardware bring-up
  • System integration, including using virtualization to host multiple OSes / applications
  • Domain-specific device drivers and middleware (e.g., CAN and MOST buses)
  • Migration from legacy distribution RTOS platforms to Linux, Android and other open source, e.g., for unified head units
  • Displays, input methods and visualizations for digital vehicle dashboards and control systems
  • Virtualization for isolating consumer experience and secure and high-reliability applications (e.g., entertainment vs. safety-critical subsystems)
  • Boot-time optimization, real-time response and other performance tuning for latency-sensitive applications
  • Standards compliance and interoperability with GENIVI, AutoSAR, etc.
  • Software validation and quality assurance to meet industry certification requirements
  • Long-term support for automotive software stacks and complete systems

Cogent Embedded also has extensive experience in delivering in-flight entertainment and certified avionics systems and applications

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